Successful Graduates

Here you will find just a few of the many success stories from graduates of the Prime of Life Yoga® Teacher Training program. We are proud of our alumni!

Lynn Anderson Ph.D., N.D., E-RYT, C-IYT, ACE

“I have been practicing and teaching yoga for over thirty years. In my private practice, as well as in group classes yoga therapy has been my approach. Yoga Therapy Rx and Prime of Life Yoga® added a structured dimension to my practice and teaching. Both of Larry Payne’s programs are well designed to provide a therapeutic approach that is safe and effective. After taking Larry’s course I was invited to teach a segment for both programs. I am a big advocate for education and highly recommend both of Larry’s programs. His dedication to safe and therapeutic yoga is exactly what both teachers and students need. Both programs take teaching yoga to a highly professional level. I am grateful to have met and worked with Larry.”

Dave Ashby RYT-200

“Larry Payne’s Prime of Life Yoga® Program gave me the confidence and nudge to continue on the Yoga Therapist path. I’ve since enrolled in the Yoga Therapist program at the Stress Management Center of Marin and begin studies October of 2017. I continued to teach yoga at various studios in Sacramento, CA using and incorporating many techniques from the POLY series. My own health challenges convinced me to follow my heart. I’m truly glad to have done so – I love what I’m doing and the direction I’m moving. “

Betty Laino Corral C-IAYT, EYT-500

“I am a Kripalu trained yoga teacher but I  felt the need to deepen my knowledge about yoga and  specifically its therapeutic effects. My young son had a herniated disc and I wanted to know how yoga could help him. I had heard about the highly regarded back specialist Dr. Larry Payne and his innovative Yoga Therapy Rx courses at LMU.  I  completed all four levels; I also did Larry’s POLY training.  I feel more confident in the extensive  training I received from all of the experienced teachers in this program. I learned how yoga therapy is a valid alternative therapy that really can help people with chronic pain to cancer, to anxiety and depression, to back pain and fertility; the list goes on and on. I work one on one with clients  crafting individual practices for them based on their needs. I helped to coordinate a volunteer yoga therapy program at Venice Family Clinic and I am currently bringing yoga therapy to the USC Wellness Center. I am  working at a Wellness Center in No. Hollywood and I am  bringing yoga therapy into this integrative environment.  My yoga classes for seniors, pre-natal, back issues and restorative and chair yoga  are so much more informed and I bring the  expert knowledge I learned from Yoga Therapy Rx and Prime of Life Yoga into each one.”

  Chris Gabaly, RYT-200, POLY

“Why did I take these trainings and how has it helped me? To answer that question, I go back to what drew me to yoga in the first place. Yoga changed how I felt. When I first began to teach, I found that many people find their way into a yoga class because they are seeking a way to feel better … physically, mentally, emotionally.

I found this in the teachings of Prime of Life Yoga® and Yoga Therapy Rx and have incorporated this into my group classes, workshops, and private sessions. I currently teach a weekly Prime of Life Yoga® group class but also teach Healthy Back, Aqua Yoga and a variety of other classes where these principles work beautifully. This fall I will be expanding my small group training sessions, as well as branching out to providing yoga for cancer survivors.”

   Barbara Witzer, LMFT, R-DMT, RYT-200, POLY

“Dr. Payne’s Prime of Life Yoga (POLY) has provided a comprehensive and important foundation for my experience of teaching both the principles and practices of Yoga. POLY has given me the knowledge and confidence to teach a well thought out class that flows in a safe, sequential and purposeful way. I have found that when I teach POLY, my students often feel a reduction in stress both physically and emotionally. Dr. Payne’s “user friendly” approach and philosophy is easily understood and practiced by individuals who are 40 and up. POLY classes include students of all levels of experience and abilities. I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned from Dr. Payne and the knowledgeable and inspirational speakers brought into the program. I highly recommend Dr. Payne’s Prime of Life Yoga Program.”

 Joy Baggett MBA, RYT-200

“What I learned in Larry’s Prime of Life Yoga® certification program informs my personal practice and defines the yoga classes I teach at El Paso Community College. The Level I class provided me with a solid framework for designing classes and modifications for students, particularly for those over 40. The Level II class enhanced the asana, pranayama, and life skill practices introduced in Level I and allowed me to expand my class offerings to younger, more fit students who wanted more than yoga as an exercise class.  I took a year to incorporate Level I training in my practice and teaching before I took the Level II coursework, and was very glad I did.

I’ve practiced yoga for 35 years and taught yoga for 26. I feel POLY® strategies work best for a sustainable yoga practice. My students, who return semester after semester, certainly think so.”

 Teri Roseman BA, C-IAYT, YTRx-800C, POLY, E-RYT 500

“Meeting and studying with Larry Payne, the Prime of Life Yoga® training, and the Loyola Marymount University YTRx programs have been life changing. Krishnamacharia is quoted as saying, “yoga is simply a matter of changing your mind.” Which for many of us is not a simple matter. After decades as a high-powered corporate career executive, and dealing with the residuals of highly stressful life events; relationships, death, and cancer, I turned back to my yoga practice, one of the few places I found salvation. Yoga became my “therapy.” I have been in pursuit of the wisdom yoga brings, to live it, and share it with others. As a result, today the LiveYoga Wellness studio thrives, nestled in the village of Westchester, with classes, workshops and privates available. And the corporate programs, and integrative healthcare divisions continue to grow.”

 Joni Consroe, B.A., M.A., CYT

“One fateful day Larry Payne’s path and mine crossed and the rest is blissful history. Larry certified me as a Yoga teacher, a perfect adjunct to my dance career and very quickly my destiny unfolded. As a result, my life has been absolutely miraculous and I see the same in my students! Since my certification with Samata, I have has taught well over 10,000 Yoga, Meditation, Visualization and Mindfulness classes and worked with thousands of people. Some of my professional affiliations have been Toyota Corporate Headquarters (Torrance, CA and Plano, TX), Northrop Grumman, Centinela Hospital, the Spectrum Club, Fujitsu-Ten, the American Heart Association and many Resorts, Spas, Special Events & Workshops throughout the country. I also love working with Private Clients. Joni’s Yoga Miracles has been voted Best of the South Bay here in Southern California. Spontaneously, an aspect to my work evolved called Baby Miracles, as I am referred by Fertility Clinics for women who previously could not conceive. Countless babies have been born!

Looking back there is a peace, gratitude and richness to my life that Yoga has brought to me and I am forever grateful. My passion about Yoga & Meditation reaches no limits nor does my reverence and gratitude to Larry Payne and Samata.

Don Henry, MA, C-IAYT, YTRx-800, POLY

“As a certified Yoga Therapist, I’ve come to see Yoga as healing practice—something that is good for both mind and body. And from teaching private and public classes, volunteering at the Venice Family Clinic, or leading Yoga for Health and meditation classes for Loyola Marymount University (LMU), I continually turn to the teachings of Larry Payne and the principles of Prime of Life Yoga® (POLY®). It really is no surprise to me that, after completing all four levels of Yoga Therapy training at LMU, I’ve come to put most of my professional focus on bringing POLY and its underlying philosophies to a broad group of people who are enthusiastic about and eager to discover all the ways in which Yoga can improve the quality of their lives.”

Deanna Schultz POLY, RYT-200, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

“At a personal level Prime of Life Yoga® has had many positive effects on my life physically, mentally, and emotionally. I first heard of Prime of Life Yoga® during my Yoga Therapy Rx Level 1 class at Loyola Marymount University and decided to enroll in POLY because I really loved how Larry Payne created a program of “adaptable” and “accommodating” yoga that will serve me well as my body goes through the different phases of aging. From helping back pain that may start in your 40’s to staying fit in your 70’s, the techniques used in POLY are safe and can be modified to anyone’s fitness level. As a yoga teacher, I continue to find these are the best techniques to teach my students and they are appreciate of how suitable the POLY practice is for them. In addition to teaching Prime of Life Yoga®, I also use the principles of POLY to teach Healthy Back Classes. My students feel empowered and are seeing strong improvements while reducing stress. As a life-learner, I am super blessed to have the opportunity to continuously study under the highly gifted Larry Payne and am always grateful for his guidance.”
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Betsy Laban RYT-500, POLY

“Meeting Larry literally changed my life. I was new to teaching and had just received my 200 hour certification through my Guru, from the Sanji Yoga Center in Bangalore.  And then Larry happened!!  We met at SYTAR in Northern California and I took his POLY class at the conference.  All I could think of was…”I found my home”.  Larry has been an inspiration to me and an amazing guide on my yoga path, both in my own practice and my teaching method. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2012 and POLY has helped me so much in my own practice as well as my teaching methods.

My love of giving to others was my drive to become co-owner of Gita Yoga Learning offering teacher training (200 and 500) . As a YACEP I continue to offer workshops and classes for teachers to obtain continuing education units. I also teach several classes a week focusing on 55+, chair yoga, gentle yoga etc.  I have taught in hospitals, cancer care facilities, senior centers, gyms and private students at a local healing center. I lead retreats, workshops and have taught at events including the Big Bear Yoga Festival.  My dharma is to give to others and I know each of my students and clients benefit from his teachings through me.  I feel like a conduit for spreading his wisdom and Larryisms.  My path took me deeper spiritually as well, collecting every version of the Gita I can find. I acquired a certification specifically for back care, Chair Yoga, Yoga for Arthritis and chronic pain. I am a certified Reiki Master, meditation guide and also hold a certification in Yoga Nidra.

There is no greater gift than to carry on the teaching of my Gurus and to lighten the load of those struggling.   It was the biggest blessing of my life to have met Larry and be given the opportunity to change people’s lives…including my own.”