Mentors Program

“If you are going to teach, you need a teacher”… Sri T. Krishnamacharya

The Mentors Program is offered by Samata International. It is an optional supportive tool to enhance the learning experience of the Yoga Therapy Rx courses at Loyola Marymount University. It is designed to support the students at all three levels.

The levels in the Mentors Program do not coincide with the Levels of the YTRX program, so you can choose the topics that you feel you will benefit from the most, from any level.


All current students and alumni of the Yoga Therapy Rx Program at LMU are invited to join the optional Yoga Therapy Rx Mentors program.

The Mentors Program begins with the Yoga Therapy Rx Level I program in October.

There are three levels of participation. Each level requires six hours of private sessions with a mentor(s). Level I (6 hrs), Level II (12 hrs), Level III (18 hrs).

You can pick one or more topics from our Yoga Therapy Rx syllabus as focus of your mentorship

You can select one or more mentors from our approved list to study with.

Meetings can be in person, by phone, or by Skype.

A session can be an hour each or longer.

A certificate is issued upon completion of each level.

You can complete the required number of sessions at your pace to earn the certificates.

You may start the program any time during the Yoga Therapy course
and continue even after graduating from the program in order to complete all 18 sessions.

You have to submit the record of any and all mentorship sessions you may have taken between the period of Oct – August, by the end of August of each year you participate in the Mentorship program.

$95 per hour

All YTRX Mentors have agreed to a very reasonable rate of for students in our program. This is much less than many of them charge.
You may pay the instructors as you go, you do not have to pay the instructors for all the sessions at once.

How does it work?
1) Download the Mentors Form and call the instructor that you would like to work with.

2) You will book and pay for the sessions directly with the mentor.

3) Keep track of everything on the form and submit to us at by end of August.

4) Please include all hours you have spent with teachers in the mentorship program in the year from Oct. to Aug., even those in excess of 6 or 12 hours. These will be counted towards the next level.

Participants will receive a separate Mentoring Certificate from Samata International. Certificates are mailed out at the end of September.

Other important details:
1) All participants must receive a personal Yoga practice from one of their Mentors to qualify for certification.

2) Mentors have agreed to answer simple questions by e-mail that do not require more than five or ten minutes to formulate a response.

Any questions: Please email or call 310-306-8845.

Approved Yoga Therapy Rx Mentors:

Robert Birnberg 323-661-1500

Jamie Champion 805-750-2328

Arun Deva 310-358-9555

Lori Rubenstein Fazzio 310-401-6410

Terra Gold 310-804-2926

Eden Goldman 305-336-3129

Linda Lack 310-273-4797

Surendra Mehta 909-437-4240

Steve Paredes 858-794-9454

Larry Payne 310-306-8845

Patti Quintero 310-717-8002

Eleni Tsirikas 323-661-1500

Felicia Tomasko 805-452-1319

Amy Wheeler 909-338-9850 (1st two sessions will be at her office in San Bernardino, CA)

Veronica Zador 248-320-5678