The teachers in this directory are graduates of the Prime of Life Yoga programs at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) and other respected Yoga institutions. LMU and the organizations we partner with are all premier institutions for Yoga Studies in the US.

When you choose one of Samata's credentialed Prime of Life yoga instructors, you can rest assured that your teacher is a professional Yoga instructor who understands and adheres to the principles of 'Samata' - or 'Balance' - sharing the practice of Yoga in a safe, loving, and understanding environment.
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Betsy Laban

Monrovia, CA
poly Betsy Laban is a certified Traditional Ashtanga yoga instructor, a registered yoga teacher with YA and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Although her interest in yoga was sparked when she attended a class at Berkeley in the early '70's she did not become serious and go into teacher training until 2003. Her main yoga interest is helping those experiencing changes in their lives due to aging bodies or special health issues that require modification in their practice and poses. She is certified in Traditional Ashtanga Yoga through the Sanji Yoga School in Bangalore, Prime of Life Yoga with Dr. Larry Payne, Yoga Nidra with Dr. Marc Halpern, and is furthering her education at Shanti Yoga School where she completed her 500 hour training program with an interest in Ayurveda. Betsy has classes at several locations in the area including Shanti Yoga School, Foothill Gym, Monrovia Community Center, Duarte Senior Center and City of Hope Cancer Research Hopsital. She also teaches private and semi-private classes in yoga addressing specific individual needs 91016 626-230-3057 California Pasadena, CA

Michelle Adams

Yorba Linda, CA
ytrx ytrx-500 poly Fourteen years ago, I was diagnosed with a myriad of endocrine system failures and had two small children to raise. Every day was one of pain, and it was definitely hard to find peace and joy while combating my body. I look back at that time as one of the greatest blessings of my life. It enabled me to go searching for something more, which was my yogic path. I became friends with my body, instead of having a combative relationship with it. I learned to feel the sensations in my body and acknowledge them. Ultimately and definitely the most important, I learned the true power of the breath. It is such an amazing tool that only yoga truly incorporates to its full healing potential. Once I was in alignment with my body, my life became one of joy and bliss. And as an added benefit, I became pregnant with our third child (something doctors told us would never happen). My goal is for each of my students to learn how to listen to their bodies and to feel the beauty of a full breath. For each of them to know how to regulate their breath, and ultimately their emotions, for a life that has richness and is filled to capacity with joy. Michelle Adams, C-IAYT, ERYT500, is a certified yoga therapist initially trained through Loyola Marymount University. She is an adjunct faculty at Santa Ana College where she has the privilege of teaching firefighters yoga therapy. She is a 500 hour teacher certified through the Healing Yoga Institute and The Healing Yoga Foundation in the lineage of T. Krishnamacharya and she continues to study with Paul Harvey in this lineage. Additionally, Michelle is a certified Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher and a HeartMath Coach/Mentor. She has found that incorporating energy medicine techniques enhances the healing aspect of a yoga practice. She is a certified energy healer, Reiki Master in addition to a Touch for Health, Axiatonal, Healing and Quantum Healing practitioner. Michelle has a BS in Finance from the University of Southern California and pursued her Masters of Business Administration at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. 92887 714-496-2061 California Orange County, CA

Amanda Charney

Los Angeles, CA
ytrx ytrx-500 poly 90066 California Los Angeles

Carol Lamden

Palos Verdes Estates, CA
poly I began my yoga teacher training after retiring from a career as a pediatrician. There were many times as I matured as a physician, that I felt that my traditional medical training did not address the problems my patients faced , particularly when stress was a major component. I became interested in Yoga after taking a couple of seminars at UCSD in yoga and medicine. When I retired I studied at Loyola Marymount University for my 200 hour teacher training and then completed my Prime of Life training. As a recreational ballet dancer I see movement as an integral part of one's life. From the three aspects, movement, yoga and medicine, I hope to bring a sense of well-being and healing into my teaching 1016 Via Mirabel 90274 California Los Angeles

Debi Robinson

Rolling Hills Estates, CA
ytrx ytrx-1000 poly Debi teaches a therapeutic style of yoga for your body and mind. Her main areas of focus are Yoga for Osteoporosis, Yoga for Stress Reduction and working with students who have aging or injured bodies. Debi teaches yoga at Torrance Memorial Medical Center as well as private sessions. In addition she is a certified Health Coach and a chef. 4548 Marloma Drive 90274 3108729113 California Los Angeles

Ginger Fox

Lomita, CA
poly 1939 253rd Place 90717 310-591-9257 California Los Angeles

Paula Tapia

Marina Del Rey, CA
ytrx ytrx-800c poly Paula is a Certified Yoga Therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapists specializing in Yoga Therapy Rx and Integrative Health. She is the associate director of Yoga and The Healing Science Program at LMU (Spring). Paula is the Yoga Therapist, Mindfulness Advisor and Research Associate at Attune Health (Autoimmune and Inflammation Care and Research Center) in Beverly Hills, CA. She has studied Functional Movement and DNS Training for several years with Dr. Craig Liebenson (LA Sports & Spine). She is also certified in Prime of Life Yoga™ and has extensive training in soft tissue assessments and myofascial release procedures. She has been teaching intelligent forms of movement for over 20 years including dance, fitness, aqua therapy and Yoga in the lineage of Krishnamacharya. Her style is preventive, functional, dynamic, safe and suitable for everybody. Born and raised in Patagonia, Chile, Paula teaches internationally in English and Spanish. 3221 Carter Ave. Unit 455 90292 310.990.1694 California Marina del Rey

Linda Karl

Batavia, IL
poly I teach Mindful Yoga, a vehicle for transformation. I believe authentic Yoga is not only what you do on the mat but is a lifestyle. The words of my teachers in India are the cornerstone of my teaching: teach to people where they are and how they are and whatever happens, happens. I believe in the therapeutic benefits of Yoga+breathwork+meditation properly applied to the individual -- Yoga for everyone, Yoga for every BODY. 1117 Rye Court 60510 630-677-4501 Illinois Chicago

Deanna Schultz

Superior, CO
poly Deanna received specialized training in Prime of Life Yoga® completing Levels 1 & 2. Also trained in the Yoga & Healing Sciences and currently enrolled in the Yoga Rx Program at Loyola Marymount University, Deanna can modify classes for all levels. Her experience as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer helps in this area as well. Deanna is also fluent in Spanish and Italian. She teaches both private and in studios. Deanna is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) 80027 310-562-2516 Colorado Denver

Ying Liu

Mission Viejo, CA
ytrx ytrx-500 poly 21181 San Miguel 92692 9499235145 California Los Angeles

Deanna Parameshwari Galkin-Doran

Corrales, NM
ytrx ytrx-800c poly Deanna (Parameshwari) Galkin-Doran, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, BSM, MBA Deanna began practicing Yoga in 1991. She earned two business degrees during her 30+ years in the high stress corporate world before turning her educational pursuits to yoga. She began teaching Hatha Yoga, Pranayama (breathing) and Meditation at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in Marina del Rey in 1995. She is a Loyola Marymount University graduate of the Prime of Life® and Yoga Therapy Rx Programs, and completed a year-long internship with Sherry Brourman, E-RYT and Physical Therapist at Tensegrity Yoga Therapy. She obtained her Yoga Therapy Certification from the International Association of Yoga Therapists in October 2016. Additional credentials include an advanced certification as a Yoga of Recovery® counselor, as well as certification in Silver Age Yoga®, and as a Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor®. She has a well-founded understanding of the importance and benefits that stress management, mindfulness and yoga can bring both on and off the mat. Her passion is to use the healing techniques and principles of Yoga and Ayurveda to improve the well-being, body, mind, and spirit to anyone seeking relief from the human condition. 1580 Camino Hermosa 87048 310-749-8055 New Mexico Albuquerque

Ashley McKeachie

Huntington Beach, CA
ytrx ytrx-500 poly Ashley McKeachie, certified yoga therapist, registered yoga teacher, and yoga educator has been committed to teaching the power of yoga since 2011. She received her yoga therapy certification (YTRx) and Master’s in Yoga Studies from Loyola Marymount University. Ashley spends most of her time working with chronic pain patients at the Orange County Pain and Wellness Center and leading the yoga teacher training program at Orange Coast College (OCC). As part of her master’s thesis, she created and implemented the yoga program at OCC, with the goal of establishing a certification that was financially viable for students with low incomes. Ashley also teaches group classes at Rise Yoga HB and Spectra Yoga, and is an educator at both studios for their foundational and advanced yoga teacher trainings. Her newest adventure is co-leading yoga retreats to Panama with Rise Yoga HB, where students discovered their purpose in life through the tools and techniques of yoga. Ashley is from Huntington Beach, California, and began her yoga journey in January 2010, with a background of over twenty years of ballet, jazz, and modern dance. After being diagnosed with thyroid disease in 2006, Ashley went through two sessions of radioactive iodine to reduce the size of her overactive thyroid. The radiation left her feeling lethargic, weak, unmotivated, and desperate for better overall health. Yoga was introduced to Ashley by her favorite Pilates instructor, and she has not looked back since! Yoga completely changed Ashley's body, mind, and spirit, strengthening her physical, mental, and emotional self. Ashley focuses on positivity, visualization, and themes in her yoga classes, trainings, and privates. She welcomes all types of students who are interested in the yoga experience; especially those who want to enhance their quality of life. Ashley offers private yoga therapy appointments, private and semi-private yoga instruction, and yoga mentorship. For the mentorship program, her goal is to encourage and support students to create and implement workshops and trainings that increase their client base and secure financial stability. Ashley even collaborates with students to offer opportunities that increase confidence and solidify business relationships. Through the technique of Bhavana and visualization, Ashley is the mentor for you if you are interested in a yoga career that is physically, spiritually, and financially abundant. For more information on privates, events, workshops, trainings, and retreats, visit or email 6732 Defiance Drive 92647 7148667666 California Orange County

Eleni Litt

Princeton, NJ
poly Eleni Litt a registered yoga teacher (RYT, 200 hrs) with Yoga Alliance, having trained with Jeff Migdow, MD & Marisa Bonfanti (Prana Yoga Teacher Training, 2014-2015) at Princeton Center for Yoga and Heath. She has also trained with Larry Payne (Prime of Life Yoga, Spring 2016). Her approach is designed for bodies of all sizes and abilities, and the practice is open to all. She also has an active visual arts practice and often combines yoga with art making. 218 Washington Rd 08540 New Jersey

David Ashby

Sacramento, CA
poly 6260 Grangers Dairy Dr 95831 520-269-2138 California

Anne Simons

San Francisco, CA
poly Family practice physician with special interest in complementary medicine. Teaching yoga since 2002. Small group classes are offered once a week at Ocean Park Health Center for a small optional donation. Private lessons by appointment. Classes emphasize gentle and modified traditional postures along with guided use of pranayama (breath exercises) in carefully planned sequences to heal body and spirit. Please email for more information. 94114 4152823570 California San Francisco, CA

Donna Mascia

Basking Ridge, NJ
poly Coming soon! 77 Alder Lane 07920 908-256-6469 New Jersey Morristown

Mary Poxon DDS

Santa Rosa, CA
ytrx ytrx-800c poly I was a general Dentist in private practice for 30 years before becoming a yoga therapist. I have a special interest in helping people with chronic pain. YTRx-500C & POLY-500, Rest Yoga Nidra Level I, Viniyoga Teacher Training, Advanced training: teaching iRest and yoga in a Military setting, Hanna Somatic Educator, C-IAYT. 646 MIDDLE RINCON RD 95409 707 321-2542 California SANTA ROSA

Rachel Dvorin

Los Angeles, CA
ytrx ytrx-800c poly 1718 S. Canfield Ave 90035 3105703924 California

Alexis Estwick

South Pasadena, CA
ytrx ytrx-800c poly Completed 200 hours at LMU Completed Yoga Therapy Level 1 8.2016 Completed Yoga Therapy Level II 8.2017 Completed Yoga Therapy Level III 8.2018 Completed Trauma- Focused Yoga Hala Khouri 20 & 40 hrs. 2015 & 2016 Completed STAMPY Jan 2015 Goal to complete Level 4. 8.201.9 1107 Fair Oaks Ave. #71 91030 3237548422 California

Susan Raglin

Sherman Oaks, CA
ytrx ytrx-500 poly Susan Raglin aka Anasuya is a certified L.M.U. Yoga Rx Therapist level 2, has her E-RYT 500 Hours registration with Yoga Alliance , is a Certified Yoga Therapist with The International Association of Yoga Therapists. C-IAYT and the Samata International Yoga Center. She has been teaching Yoga for over 30 years in the greater Los Angeles area. She has worked with such clients as Dreamworks, Esalen Retreat Center and was the Director of Yoga at the J. Paul Getty Center. 4705 Kester Ave. #208 91403 818-298-8307 California Los Angeles

Barbara Witzer

Los Angeles, CA
ytrx ytrx-1000 poly Barbara is a Prime of Life Yoga teacher, as well as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Dance Movement Therapist. Through her own practice of Yoga, she has experienced the healing and transformative nature of Yoga. In her Prime of Life Yoga classes, Barbara encourages self-care, stress reduction and self-awareness. Barbara studied Yoga, including Yoga and the Healing Sciences teacher training, Prime of Life Yoga and the Yoga Therapy program at Loyola Marymount University. Barbara is currently teaching Prime of Life Yoga in the Los Angeles area. . (310) 692-0467 California

Kimberly Tom

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
ytrx ytrx-500 poly Kimberly has been sharing her love of yoga for 10 years. She has completed POLY I and II, and Yoga Therapy Level II at Loyola Marymount University. Whether she is working with young mommies who want to relax, her corporate classes at lunch or someone in a later time of life who just wants to feel relief from low back pain or other ailments, she cares about her clients and tries to help them fulfill their desires. 3270 via campesina 90275 (310)940-0744 California los angeles

Teri Roseman

Los Angeles, CA
ytrx ytrx-1000 poly Teri Roseman, C-IAYT, YTRX, POLY-500, E-RYT-500, BA executive director and founder, of LiveYoga Wellness, received her BA from the California Institute of Integral Studies, is a graduate of the Yoga Therapy Rx programs at Loyola Marymount University (LMU), and yoga teacher trainings led by Dr. Christopher Chapple and Dr. Larry Payne. She interned at Tensegrity Yoga Therapy under the tutelage of Sherry Brourman and Leslie Kazadi. And Jasmine Lieb’s liv-INg-yoga training heavily influences her practice and teaching. She has assisted in teaching Yoga Therapy at the UCLA Geffen School of Medicine with Dr. Michael Sinel. And is currently the Associate Director of the LMU Yoga Therapy Rx IV clinic internship at Venice Family Clinic's Simms/Mann Health and Wellness Center. In addition to hosting and facilitating workshops and seminars, Teri works one-on-one with clients, develops and teaches group and corporate programs, works with integrative healthcare teams, and teaches course requirements for certified Yoga Teacher trainings. Teri has been incorporating essential oils into her yoga practice and general health and wellness regime for over a decade. And has transformed her suburban neighborhood front and backyard into a xeriscape/edible oasis to live within, where she resides with her dog, Isabella “Izzi”. 6461 Wynkoop Street 90045 310-835-6700 California Westchester/LAX Los Angeles

Carol Hahn

El Segundo, CA
poly Carol is a Registered Nurse with many years of health experience. As a Wellness and Fitness Nurse, Carol helps people over 50 increase their strength, flexibility, balance and quality of life. Working together, she will help you meet your goals through an integrated and holistic perspective of nursing, yoga, and personal training. Carol promotes “optimal health” and active lifestyles for individuals regardless of their functional abilities. 90245 310-612-9064 California Los Angeles

Sonya Chapnick

Santa Monica, CA
poly Class Schedule: My students are recognized as individuals, and I do my best to honor their yogic needs in the classroom. My classes emphasize breath linked with movement and gentle poses to allow students at any fitness level to optimize breath, enhance strength, and cultivate internal balance. What I strive to provide for my students is a way to decrease the impact of day-to-day stress and provide rejuvenation. After experiencing the profound benefits of yoga in my own life, I became inspired to share yoga with others. I am a certified yoga therapist teaching since 1997 in Southern California and a registered member of Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists. In 2015 I completed a clinical Yoga Therapy Internship at the Venice Family Clinic Pain Management Center as part of the LMU YTRX Training. 1223 Wilshire Blvd. #629 90403 310-259-9187 California

Lisa Hogan

Boulder, CO
poly 1305 5th Street 80302 720-987-3135 Colorado Denver

Larry Payne

Los Angeles, CA
ytrx ytrx-800c poly Larry Payne, Ph.D. is an internationally respected yoga teacher and back specialist. The L.A. Times named Larry "One of America's most respected Yoga teachers". He is co-author of 5 books including international best seller Yoga for Dummies and most recently Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine. Larry is founding president of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, founder of the Corporate Yoga program at the J. Paul Getty Museum, the first Yoga teacher to offer Yoga classes at the World Economic Forum. He is also co-founder of the yoga curriculum at UCLA's School of Medicine, and the founding director of the Yoga Therapy Rx™ and Prime of Life Yoga© certification programs at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. 4150 Tivoli Ave 90066 3103068845 California

Cheryl Thomas

Bend, OR
poly Cheryl is a Prime of Life certified instructor. She is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level, 300 in Yoga Therapy. She's studied Restorative Yoga with Judith Lasater and Roger Cole at the basic and advanced levels. P. O. Box 1708 97709 4153083377 Oregon

Don Henry

Redondo Beach, CA
ytrx ytrx-800c poly Don began his journey to the Yoga mat thinking it would be a fleeting thing, something that would quickly and enthusiastically be abandoned. Initially he thought himself too inflexible, and perhaps too old to seriously consider something profoundly new and different. Fortunately, his Yoga experience was compelling, even somewhat transformational. As a result, he became passionate about it. As a Yoga teacher and a therapist, Don is drawn to the growing population of under-served adults who tend to be intimidated by Yoga classes and stay away because they feel like they don’t fit in—for whatever reason. His goal is to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable, safe, and free to discover all that Yoga has to offer. 217 Camino de las Colinas 90277 3105082103 California Los Angeles

Nika Hionis

Branchburg, NJ
poly 8 Sioux Lane 08876 908-392-2223 New Jersey

Monica Haskell

Key West, FL
poly Monica’s classes always include breathing, movement and relaxation. When a session ends, you will feel relaxed, recharged and happy. Monica leads Prime of Life Yoga® class, Yoga Nidra meditation, and is trained in CPR and First Aid. She also consults to non-profit organizations, having managed several in her earlier career. 2819 Harris Ave 33040 305-304-5635 Florida

Elizabeth (Betty) Vreeland

Monroe Township, NJ
poly 5 Gravel Hill Spotswood Road 08831 New Jersey

Anna Davis

Riverbank, CA
poly I am a registered nurse and owner of Aikido of Modesto and the Yoga Loft. POLY fits with my intention to use Yoga asanas to accommodate men and women over 40 a system to improve functional movements, stress reduction, and overall wellbeing in everyday life. 2455 BRACCO WAY 95367 2096137853 California

Nicola Whitehead

Los Angeles, CA
ytrx ytrx-500 poly Originally from the UK,moved overseas to live in Qatar and now LA. I completed my 200 & 300hr training at Yogaworks in Santa Monica and have completed the POLY level 1 at LMU. I also completed some youth yoga training with mini yogis, Santa Monica 166 S Saltair Ave 90049 4242304295 California

Diana Leavitt

San Jose, CA
poly 1174 Lincoln Ave #5 95125 4083933383 California

Ann Murphy

Santa Monica, CA
ytrx ytrx-500 poly YTRx-500 & POLY Private and group Yoga sessions - Yoga Therapy, Prime of Life Yoga, Chair Yoga, Meditation through Creative Flow. 2419 31st St 90405 310-489-0788 California

Gina Donovan

Tomball, TX
ytrx ytrx-500 poly Gina, a RYT-500, turned to yoga for self-healing after suffering numerous physical maladies, including chronic pain, exhaustion, and emotional depletion resultant of a high-stress career. Learning tools through yoga to restore her body, Gina seeks to pass those tools on to others. She meets students wherever they are in their lives and compassionately guides them in bringing relief and self-healing to their bodies, minds, and spirits through gentle and restorative practices. Texas

Lorrie Denning

San Pedro, CA
ytrx ytrx-500 poly My passion is to bring the healing side of Yoga to my students. I teach Prime of Life Yoga and Restorative Yoga. I am also certified in Chair Yoga, with added training in Senior Posture and Yoga for Arthritis. 1031 S Cabrillo Ave 90731 3108195640 California

Leslie Bennett

Allenwood, NJ
poly PO Box 261 08720 7328325046 New Jersey

Ann Lewis

Ca, CA
poly I am 200 YRT certified instructor who recently completed the POLY 1 training. I primarily teach Gentle yoga and will incorporate POLY into my classes. 1708 Walnut Blossom Way, Modesto 95355 2096060164 California

Francoise Chesaux

Long Beach, CA
poly 421 w Broadway 90802 310-904-3496 California

Marydale Pecora

Chatsworth, CA
poly Marydale, YTRx-500C, POLY-E-RYT500, RMT, is founder and director of Param Yoga in Chatsworth, CA. Her background includes extensive research and study on yoga, spirituality, meditation, and the dynamics of energetic wellness. A Hatha Yoga practitioner since 1970, Marydale holds Hatha Yoga Certification through The Vendantic Center under the auspices of the late Swamini Turiyasangitanandaji and Purusha Hickson. She received her Clinical Yoga Therapy Certification from the exclusive Yoga Therapy RX program at Loyola Marymount University, conceived and directed by her teacher, mentor, and friend Larry Payne, Ph.D. Marydale is a Prime of Life Yoga (POLY) practitioner and teacher, under Dr. Payne’s tutelage, and her personal practice and yoga teaching skills are all rooted in the Krishnamacharya lineage. She is a sponsoring member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. 21750 Devonshire Street 91311 747 224-0402 California

Patricia Heckman

Redondo Beach, CA
poly I am a retired nurse and I follow Hospice clients as a volunteer. I am a former marathon runner and have practiced Yoga for 10 years as a way to enhance my physical skills. I have enjoyed the LMU Yoga Teaching program as it fits more into my lifestyle than gym yoga. After all, Yoga is a lifestyle. I have done physical therapy over the years and would love to incorporate yoga into that practice as no one really follows you once you've had your initial assessment. Proper body mechanics and breathing techniques would enhance the outcome for the individual. Thank you. 254 Via Linda Vista 90277 310-503-3938 California

Catherine Parello

Princeton, NJ
poly I have been a Yoga Practitioner for over 10 years and I took Larry's Level I Poly Training at the Princeton Center for Yoga and Health in August 2014 and Level II in November of 2016. I still work full-time in the corporate world but as I look to transition to a different profession in a few years I hope to teach entry level yoga to Prime of Lifer's who have never taken yoga before. 55 Stonewall Circle 08540 908-510-6423 New Jersey

Cathy Marlowe

Encinitas, CA
poly It has been over 20 years since I took my first yoga class and had to be dragged to it. After that class, however, I knew I had to teach. I have been teaching since 2005. My goal 20 years ago focused on how long "I" could stand on my head and did "I" really need that wall to get up in handstand? Today, through various trainings and soul searching my focus is centered on the benefits of yoga for the "individual" - specifically the more "mature" yogi and yogini! 454 Requeza Street, 129C 92024 3104914411 California

Sharon Heiss

Colorado Springs, CO
ytrx ytrx-500 poly Yoga has been a personal practice for me for 18 years on and off the mat. My teaching experience has focused on senior yoga with joint range of motion and bone health My classes focus on the individual needs of the student with using the breath as a practice guide. 133 Cheyenne Blvd 80905 5126260432 Colorado

Heather Reed

Austin, TX
ytrx ytrx-500 poly Heather Reed has been teaching Yoga since 1996. She specializes in using Yoga and meditation techniques for people living with cancer and chronic illnesses. Reed currently facilitates Cancer Navigators residential retreats and support groups in person and online. She also works with private students and small groups in her home studio. 2606 Rockingham Drive 78704 512 653-2098 Texas

Amy Shanti Manifase

Somerset, NJ
poly Amy Shanti ERYT200, RYT 500 has been registered with Yoga Alliance since 2009. Being a lifetime supporter of healthy living, receiving a dx of Multiple Sclerosis brought Amy Shanti to her first Yoga class. Incorporating yoga into her active lifestyle was the goal to maintain optimal physical health. She soon embraced the way yoga helped her grow stronger, brought increased flexibility, provided greater clarity and awareness, helped manage stress and gave her confidence both on and off the mat. She continued to discover that yoga is so much more than physical postures. Having a regular Asana practice along with breathing exercises, meditation and the study of yoga philosophy have been life changing for her. Amy Shanti’s yoga journey began with the Integral Yoga tradition and she has continued her study of Yoga with specialty training's such as Raja Yoga, TGR Therapeutic Yoga, Prime of Life Yoga, Restorative and Dynamic Gentle Yoga – She is eternally grateful for the loving wisdom all of her teachers have shared which have allowed her teaching and personal practice to continue to flourish. Shanti brings an attitude of fun, discovery and self acceptance to her classes. She thoroughly enjoys sharing the bountiful benefits of yoga with each and every student – helping them thrive and grow by nurturing body, mind and spirit- 6 Gunther Loop 08873 7322617419 New Jersey

Lucia Iacono

Princeton, NJ
poly Lucia is a Certified Dharmic Yoga Teacher trained by Adrienne Jamiel, and has been a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance since 2003. Since then, she has obtained other certifications including Yoga for the Rest of Us, trained by Peggy Cappy, and Prime of Life Yoga, trained by Larry Payne. 84 Leigh Avenue 08542 6092407403 New Jersey

Stephanie D'Angelo

Kendall Park, NJ
poly 19 kendall road 08824 7327187459 New Jersey

Elizabeth Laino Corral

Studio City, CA
ytrx ytrx-1000 poly I completed my 200 hour teacher training at Kriplau in MA. Moreover, I completed 4 levels of the yoga therapy certification program at LMU. I have completed a POLY teaching training with Dr. Larry Payne. I have studied TM and other meditations, Level 3 Reiki, Theta Beta healing, and worked with an energy doctor for 8 yrs. I teach pre-natal, female balancing, restorative and gentle yoga and a therapeutic low flow and work one and one with seniors. Currently, I work one on one with my clients designing a holistic yoga therapy practice for their specific needs, continue to teach and write curriculum for teacher training. 4216 goodland ave 91604 8184164247 California

Sherri Margolin

Beverly Hills, CA
poly 434 South Maple Drive #4 90212 310-738-9339 California

Gloria Lopez

Pharr, TX
poly Retired school teacher. Deep and abiding belief that women and men in their "prime of life", need a compassionate way to become stronger, focused, balanced, and flexible. 213 E Ferguson 78577 3146029514 Texas

Karen Vielhaber

La Quinta, CA
ytrx ytrx-1000 poly Karen Vielhaber is a Certified Yoga Therapist (YTRx-800C), Prime of Life Yoga Instructor (POLY-500) and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-500). Karen incorporates a therapeutic approach to her yoga teaching. Her training has enabled her to offer students a safe environment from which to practice and learn as they move through life's journey on and off the mat. Her practice encompasses individuals in the Prime of Life and beyond. She teaches group, gentle yoga, chair yoga, private yoga classes and works with private Yoga Therapy clients. 92253 California

Chris Gabaly

Cherry Hill, NJ
poly Chris believes each opportunity to practice and teach yoga is a gift. She loves the sense of community and connection found in yoga. Prior to embarking on the yogic path, Chris worked in benefits administration in product strategy and development. Off the mat, Chris enjoys travel, photography & golf. 306 Midway Drive 08034 New Jersey

Janene Aunger

Califon, NJ
poly 7 Cross Brook Drive 07830 908 892 1766 New Jersey

Judy Reed

Los Angeles, CA
poly Judy Reed has been a yoga and meditation practitioner for over 30 years. A Prime of Life Yoga graduate, she loves teaching, especially to the over 40 crowd. Judy hosts twice weekly POLY classes at her home in the Westchester area of Los Angeles. She is available to teach group classes and privates. 7532 Denrock Ave. 90045 310-920-0879 California

Lisa Galizia

Austin, TX
poly Lisa started studying Yoga with her brother Larry Payne Ph.D. of Samata Yoga. Lisa is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance and has taught yoga for over 10 years in Austin,TX. She also received advanced training in yoga therapy and Prime Of Life Yoga and continues to attend workshops to stay updated. Lisa attended CSULB and has a B.A. in Foods and Nutrition. 12601 bee cave PKWY Apt 303 5127754568 Texas

Shanna Hughes

Culver City, CA
ytrx ytrx-500 poly Shanna is an outstanding graduate of all 3 levels of the Yoga Therapy Rx training Program at Loyola Marymount University, as well as the Prime of Life Yoga™ training one-on-one with Larry. Shanna has a fascinating background growing up in Kashmir, India, where she lived for fifteen years and speaks fluent Hindi. Along with her parents, she studied yoga under the tutelage of Swami Lakshman Joo, the last great exponent of Kashmir Shaivism. 90230 California

Meg Logan

Pacific Palisades, CA
ytrx ytrx-500 poly Meg received her YTRx level 1 & 2 program certificate at LMU in 2012. Certified in Prime of Life Yoga and a Yogaworks alum she specializes in working with clients 40 and over.She is dedicated to helping her clients experience wellness and the healing aspects of Yoga. Meg is currently continuing her education in Ayurvedic Medicine at Kanyakumari in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she is on staff Yoga therapist. 17725 Castellammare Drive 90272 414-688-8411 California

Colleen Carroll

Topanga, CA
ytrx ytrx-500 poly Colleen Carroll YTRx 500 POLY 500 Yoga Therapist & Lifestyle Educator at Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Woodland Hills, CA Wellness and Lifestyle Educator at the Center for Aging Research & Education (CARE) Bachelor of Music in Flute Currently enrolled in the KHYF 500 hr. Teacher Training. Colleen has a private Yoga Therapy practice in Topanga and the San Fernando Valley with a specialty in Neuro-Therapeutic Yoga (tm). 132 Pueblo Lane 90290 310-702-0214 California

Robert M. Taylor, Jr.

Hawthorne, CA
ytrx ytrx-500 poly Mission is to introduce yoga techniques to seniors in medically underserved areas; Practicing since 1970, teaching since 1980, full-time since 2005; Graduate of UC Irvine's Yoga Studies Program, Loyola Marymont's Yoga Therapy I and POLY Certificate Programs; Currently providing service to over 130 students, most of whom are seniors P.O. Box 900 90251 310-462-2898 California

Mary Pat Gates

Moreno Valley, CA
ytrx ytrx-500 poly Mary Pat, currently working as a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, is passionate about helping her patients achieve and maintain optimal health. She now takes that experience and passion into her work as a Yoga Therapist. She strives to bring steady alertness (sthira) and comfort (sukha) to her practices. 23378 Harland Dr 92557 951-217-5038 California

Suzanne Selmo

Santa Monica, CA
ytrx ytrx-500c poly As with so many of her clients, Suzanne found yoga as a result of a back injury. The healing and centering that yoga provided inspired her to delve deeper into her teaching. From an able-bodied person who wants a challenging practice to the most injury or disease-challenged client, Suzanne enjoys creating an appropriate practice and sharing the wisdom that yoga has to offer. 304 14th St 90402 310-963-2637 California

Melinda Atkins

Coconut Grove, FL
ytrx ytrx-800c poly Florida

Deborah Myers

Culver City, CA
ytrx ytrx-500 poly Yoga is a longtime friend, and I wish to share it with others who may have thought it inaccessible for them. My “day job” is Chief, Nutrition Services at South LA Health Projects, sharing health information with low income families. I hold a MS in Nutrition from Columbia University. 4220 Baldwin Avenue 90232 California

Fancy Fechser

Pacific Palisades, CA
ytrx ytrx-800c poly 814 Alma Real d. 90272 323-633-6989 California

Larry Watanabe

Walnut, CA
poly 1100 North Grand Ave. 91789 California

Sigrid Matthews

Studio City, CA
ytrx ytrx-500 poly 91604 California

Mischa Allen

Sherman Oaks, CA
ytrx ytrx-500 poly 91423 California

Karen Cryer

, CA
ytrx ytrx-500 poly California

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